The following is a selection of photo’s from my time living, working and traelling throughout Europe from 2018-2020.
Based in Madrid, Spain - as my wife is Spanish, the photo’s are of the women I’ve been priviledge enough to photograph as well as the places and views I was fortunate enough to experience.
I don’t know what it is about Europe - Maybe I have an overly romantacized idea of it - maybe because the artists i’ve always admired had a “European Chapter” to their careers.  Either

way, I feel blessed to have had my chapter there as well.

                                 A flower is a flower - it takes many shapes and forms...
                                                       but a flower is a flower...

Have you ever fell in love with an idea of who someone is?  Or who you’d like someone to be?

She was weird to me. But in a good way.  A weird that I wanted...but would never understand.

Her name was ALBA 

The body is an interesting thing to me.  I’m fascinated with shapes that our bones and skin make.  I love the lines, the textures, the bumbs and bruises.  
.01 and so the night begins...
2020 Chris Robinson Photography