___ was an interesting women.  She contacted us for a photoshoot.
She said she wanted a photo shoot that would focus on her body.
She didn’t want that typical bourdoir style.  Instead she 
wanted to focus more on “the skin that I live in”.  

I was intrigued.  

During the photoshoot I kept asking her, “Would you like to see the images?”
She’d shyly giggle and say, “Nope. That’s ok”.  Obviously this was weird for me.
As the shoot continued, she opened up a little bit more and explained that in 
her day to day life, she’s not allowed to use social media, she doesn’t have
an equal voice within her family.  She has to ask for permission to do most anything.
It’s because of these things that she wanted a photoshoot where she could feel “FREE”.
She wanted to feel like a women - a women without shame, that could do whatever
she wanted.  

This story in equal parts broke my heart, and made me smile.  

When the shoot ended, she left with a giant smile on her face, as if this moment
we just shared was her “little secret”.  She said she’d never let anyone she knows
see these images.  

I’ve now photographed her 3 times.  It’s kind of like our quartly therapy session..

2020 Chris Robinson Photography