Hi, I’m Chris Robinson. I work as a a photographer and film director. I used to work as an video producer, but I had a change of heart in 2016. I also used to be live in China - but I left that life for another..

I’ve worked for clients such as NIKE, Vans, Las Culpass, Armario Lulu,  and my editorial work has been published in REKT Magazine, NaKid Magazine, Glamour Magazine* and Vogue China to name a few. I graduated with a Masters in Photography from Instituto Europeo di Design - while my BA was in Mandarin from Donghua University in Shanghai. 

I currently spend my time between Montreal, Canada and Madrid, Spain.

Contact Information:

email: chrisccrobinson@gmail.com
phone: +34 682510758 (English & Mandarin)
phone:+34 68659598235 (Spanish) 
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